Sharon Ross was born and raised in Ontario Canada. She attended Sheridan College of Animation, Art, and Design in Oakville Ontario Canada and graduated with a focus on interpretive and sequential illustration in 2002. Sharon went on to study creative writing care of the University of Waterloo as well as pursue continued learning in storyboard art through the Toronto Cartoonist Workshop.

Sharon has worked as an in house graphic designer, worked in sculpture fabrication, freelance illustration and portrait work; she has participated in many art shows and competitions across south western Ontario and her work can be found in private collections and galleries in Canada, the US, and Mexico. Sharon has illustrated three published children’s books, as well as a few that never made it to print.

Currently Sharon resides in Dallas Texas with her husband where she works as an independent contractor in design, marketing, administration, and web presence for busy professionals in real estate. Sharon also freelances in stationary and graphic design, commissioned art and illustration, and creates custom handmade jewelry and sculpture. She also has been known to provide fabulous photography portrait work as well as photo editing services.

Sharon can also be found lurking about the video game community as contributing editor, podcast cohost, twitch streamer, and web graphic provider. . She loves to play for the fun of the game, and has a knack for games that include swinging swords relentlessly, berserking, and tanking like a boss.

Please feel free to email Sharon for a quote, to request a resume or work samples, or simply to talk about your up coming project.



Dallas, TX