That Patreon Thing

For a long while now, approximately 8 months or so, colleagues and pals have been encouraging me to set up a patreon account because 'you never know'. 

Patreon-in case you don't know-is a site designed to allow creators a way to crowd source ongoing projects and creative endeavors. Basically anyone who wants to throw a few bucks your way every month, can do so through this website. It encourages you to build a following and a community of support. You set the limit on what you want to contribute and as such you begin a dialogue or relationship with the artist about their work and they keep you in the loop as their projects develop.

I've been watching Patreon over the last year increase in popularity. Some people are having great success funding their artist life while others are simply finding a few extra bucks from friends and family to help buy extra tubes of paint. 
My current perception is that creators with an already established following benefit the most from this program, that launching without some sort of product and subscription backing is less 'successful'. 

None the less, I have some great ideas and projects and so I finally hit that "launch" button. after filling in my creation promises, mumbling my way through a 'please support me' video and essentially pouring over my trepidation about asking anyone for anything just because I happen to be an artist.  I ask that you take a moment and check out my patreon page and see some of the projects that I have been working on. BUT I also encourage you to have a look around patreon in general. 
There are a lot of artists, of all kinds, who are making really fun and exciting things and if you ever wanted to support an artist directly, this is a great way to do it. 


Click the button below to see me patreon page.