Criminy, underpaintings are always ugly. Lol. But still exciting because the frantic inspiration starts to become visible.

This is what a mental health break looked like for me this afternoon. My husband recognized it, I am burning out. Not much better himself he demanded I walk away for a break.

The reference photo for this painting has been calling me for a long time now. I grabbed a canvas, an old canvas that was half started and slightly damaged and I globbed paint onto it covering the old and starting new.

The canvas drank the paint and I just kept layering it, not paying attention to the sloppy muddy colors. It’s an underpainting and today the act was more important than the result. At top volume, some great music, and 80 minutes later I think I’m ready again for the next round. Parenting is hard, sleep deprivation is hard but you know what’s not hard? Art. Art is restorative and exciting and compulsive. I was an artist loooooong before I was a mom and I was recently reminded ; that person matters too.

Thank you husband, for recognizing the moment and giving me the space for minor repairs to well being. ❤️