Sharon has been a contributing writer/editor for online and print publications since 2009. Her contributions have covered a range of topics from video games, to technology, to health issues, to art and artistic learning. 
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6/17/15   How AG Ford Helps us Channel Creativity

Written for SCBWI North Texas




1/16/15   2087 Arrives in 2015 with Technobabylon

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1/30/15   GOTY: Sharon Edition

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4/3/13  The Future Looks Bleak: Interview with Tenwall Creatives

Written for



2/2/12    IS it Time to Start Treating Sugar like a Drug?

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3/21/12   A Salute to Gaming Roots: Nintendo

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1/28/11   GFN Spotlight: Media Molecule 

Written for





5/23/11   GFN Spotlight: JoggingBuddy

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11/4/11   Hands On: LBP for the PS VITA

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8/10/10   Miles Edgeworth and Me

    Written forYourHealthisLow




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