It's been quite some time since I've done gesture drawing as a practice. Oh how quickly the quickness fades away. Thankfully an artist from a sketchbook group I follow on FB suggested checking out The Croquis Cafe on youtube. This handy little tool has allowed me to practice gesture drawing even with no access to a live model. 
I've had to work smaller than I am used to in order to accommodate things like a sketchbook instead of a newsprint pad, a desk instead of and easel and so on, but the practice is just as important and the observational skills are coming back slowly. 
This is going to help in some planned urban sketching too. 


Some 2 minute and one 5 minute gestures  using   The Croquis Cafe  for model reference.

Some 2 minute and one 5 minute gestures  using  The Croquis Cafe for model reference.